How many times have you wanted to use a color palette you have used before but you couldn’t quite remember where you used the colors or their codes?

How many times have you tried to remember where you used it before?

How many times have you had to use the eye-dropper tool to find the exact code for the colors you liked, or even worse, you had to simply use your own eyes to match the color?

I bet it was too many times, am I right?

Now you can…..

Easily save a palette from any project in…..


Log into Canva and Select “Your Brand” on the left of your screen…..

Your next image should look like this:

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like mine. I have worked on many projects and I have saved the color palettes for each one of them. As you create more graphics and you work on projects you can save your own colors here. Once you do that, these colors will be easily available at your fingertips on your next graphic or visual project.

Next, select a new template to create a new design. In the image below I have selected the “Social Media” template and click on the “Background Color” Icon like on the image below.

Since your colors were saved under “Your Brand” tab, they will show up at your fingertips one you click the baground color icon.

The cool thing about saving  your colors is that you can create custom palettes based on projects, clients, mood, holidays, events, or any other category you wish to create. You are in control of that.

If you are in the beginning stages of learning how to create graphics, Canva has a couple amazing options to choose from.

One of these is a collection of about 100 color palettes and combinations that you can use literraly at your fingertips. Click the image below to choose your favorite combination:

Another option from Canva is to use their Color Generator. Do you have an image that you absolutely love? Do you like the shades and colors? Simply upload it to Canva’s color Generator and get your own custom color codes. Once you’ve done that, simply just save the color combination under “Your Brand.”

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