Building a recognizable personal brand will attract many opportunities and clients if done right. 

✓ It will help you get noticed and stand out

✓ Find new contacts and clients for your company/brand

✓ More customers = more moolah!


How Do You Attract More Clients if You Want to Make More Money?

Personal branding is not enough. You also need to have a clear plan on who, what, where, when as well as 

7 Steps to Get More Clients

#1 Define Your Goals

Start your goal setting process by looking back to what activities you do daily, both for business and personal.

Next, determine what is your income goal for the year. How much money would you like to make?

Now based on the daily activities determine the average of how many clients are you serving each month and how much each client is worth to you. 

If you are not at your goal yet, how many more clients can you serve so you can reach your goal?

Be realistic about the current state of your business, income, how many clients you have, how much each client is worth to you, where you want to take your business, and if that’s possible to do or not.

Set realistic goals, goals you know are doable, and know you are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

#2 Create an Action Plan

If in Step #1 we set our goals, now we create the plan to make them happen. 

Your action plan should include your goals, date to achieve them by and exact actions you need to take for each step that brings you closer to achieve them. 

#3 Create Your Experience Funnel

Your experience funnel is essential in attracting your clients. In order to get more clients, you need to solve problems and offer solutions.

What are some of your clients’ problems you can solve based on your experience and product/services?

Write a list with each problem separately and offer the solution.

You will be surprised how clear it will become who you are serving and what you are offering.

#4 Create Your Ideal Client Profile

In this step, we will uncover everything we can about who your client is.

We will determine:

  • their pain points
  • their possible objections to what you are offering
  • what’s your solution for these objections
  • demographic information including age, gender, marital status, children or family structure, employment, income range, location, social media platforms they frequent, hobbies, personality straights, etc. 

#5 Building  Your Brand

In order to build your brand and make you stand out, you need to analyze if it’s clear to your customers who you are and what you offer. 

You also need to look at visuals like a logo, color schemes, fonts, tone you use in your content and social media, images, website look, ease of navigation, etc…

You need to determine if they are consistent and if your marketing is adapted and conveys a clear message on each platform.

Now ask yourself this:

What is Your SUPERPOWER?

This is important because this will make you stand out and be unique. What should your customers remember about you?

What is your message to them?

What is your vision for the future of your business/brand?

How do you stand out from your competition?

What are you doing better than them?…..

And, finally, what are some of the changes you MUST implement in order to become successful and attract the clients you want and make the money you desire!!!

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