Website or content with bad copy will lose your reader’s attention faster than good copy can catch it. If you’re not a writer, coming up with engaging headlines, content, or call to actions, can be though! But, don’t fret! We’re here to give you a couple of tips that will change your view about coming up with punchy headlines or call-to-actions

The secret to writing better copy it begins by asking three questions:


#1 What Do You Want Your Audience to Do?

Sometimes is as simple as that. What’s your desired outcome from them when they visit your website? What is your intention? Do you want your followers to checkout a new product, read a blog post, purchase a product, or book a service?
Your copy should encourage your customers/readers to take one of these actions (or whatever other action you want them to do.)

#2 Why Should They Do It?

Ok…. So why should they do it? Because you said so?

In a way, YES! If you are leading with the benefits of what you’re offering if you are helping them solve a problem or achieve a goal, it should be a no-brainer!

Sometimes you need to spell it out for them, tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Your audience will pay more attention when they see immediately and easily the value of your offering.

#3 What Do You want Your Audience to Feel?

Emotion is a strong buying motive. It will instantly create a connection and it will help you cut through the noise. If you want people to feel happy, delighted, or even revealed, your copy should reflect the tone of the emotions you want your audience to feel.

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