Do you love your job? If yes, why do you love it? What is your biggest strength? If not, why do you hate it?

Think about why do you love your job and why don’t you love your job! Have you found your true passion? Are you good at a few things enough to get you by? Do you know what is that one big thing that you want to do forever?

The reason I’m asking you this is because I want to tell you this:


3 Simple Ways to Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses

These 3 ways will help you figure out what is your passion

#1: Think about your skills! What are they?

Go and grab the 5 most important people in your life and talk to them about you for 10 minutes.

Give them permission to drill you and lift you up! Ask them to tell you the truth about what they think you are good at and what you are not!

Now you must make these people comfortable telling you the good and the bad, but be honest with yourself and them and don’t get mad if you don’t hear what you want!

Trust me, it is a great exercise!

Take 5 more of the people that know you best.

Make 2 groups of people:

  1. The people closest to you by love
  2. The people you are close to, but you may have different personalities or lifestyles

Then, ask one person from each category to honestly tell you what they think you’re best at, and what they think you’re worst at.

Ask them: “What are my skills and abilities, and what are my weaknesses?”

This will be the start of your market research! Create an honest atmosphere so people can tell you the truth!

People who love you may not always be honest with you because they may think they are hurting you if they tell you the truth! But the truth is the best and quickest way to figure out your strengths and weaknesses! Once you know your strength focus on them and eliminate weaknesses.

If you have an audience, ask them about what do they like about you, what do they think you are good at? Ask them what have they found helpful? What has been your best work yet? What is your potential?


Hopefully your friends & family were able to tell you about your strength and weaknesses. Have a realistic and clear picture of your strength. Use them as a blueprint to discovering talents you may not have understood before.

Maybe you’ve been blinded by the overarching strength itself because you aren’t passionate about it, but list all the things that that skill requires you to do. Don’t take them for granted. There are many things that go into being good at something. Your potential doesn’t end with that one skill.


Take a break! Take 2 days off and go somewhere with peace and quiet and no distraction! Go through your emails, messages, etc and look at their content!

Are you being praised for something or reprimanded for something else? If you are being praised, why are you praised? What skills are you praised for?

This may take a while if you have multiple emails and social media accounts! Go through all of them! It will be a small sacrifice in the long run!

If you follow these 3 ways, you should have the depth of personal information you need to move forward to your new destination.

Bring all these thoughts together to find the skill and strength that will benefit you.

From there, you have endless options:

  • A new career move?
  • Start a new company?
  • Find a business partner that complements your strengths and work for him? Start a company with him?

I’m pumped for you just thinking about the awesome stuff you can do.

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Cheers to your HUGE success!!!

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