Have you ever wondered why SOME Instagram accounts have thousands… even MILLIONS of followers, while others are left out in the dust and only have a small handful?

Everybody with an Instagram account wants to grow their following. Many of them just don’t know how.

If your big question is “how do I grow my followers on Instagram” … this will be the most important blog post, you will read!

There is a lot of training out there! You can follow it! I did! I gained some followers, but it wasn’t as massive as I wanted!

Since I have discovered this course, I have been adding every day at least 25-30 followers consistently every day!

I am on my path towards massive following & you should join me too!

Growing your followers on Instagram has never been easier.

First Step: Analyze Accounts with Massive Followers


Simple – because when you have a large audience, companies will pay you to promote their products… & you can create your own product and drive all the traffic to your site.

You need to have a strategy for getting new followers and developing a relationship with them! Until you do that, you will not see massive progress!

7 Instagram Secrets to Grow Your Followers

These are the same strategies A-listers follow every day & they are building huge passive income streams!

Mark Zuckerberg has stated that Instagram will continue to grow along with Facebook! More than 1/3 of mobile users will be on Instagram in 2017!

Here are the 7 Instagram Secrets to Grow Your Followers

Secret #1: Use Known # (hash-tags)

Hashtags like: #instafollow, #I4I & #followback will quickly increase your followers because when you use them you will flood these hashtags with your images!

Be consistent! Like anything else, the key to being successful in network marketing is CONSISTENCY!

Secret #2: Post SUNDAYS

This is a little know secret! I wasn’t even aware of it until I took this Instagram course!

Why is posting Sunday’s such a good idea?

Simple! Most of the people take off from posting or working on Sundays! Posting this day will make sure your posts will get better visibility, as there are fewer posts competing with yours!

Secret #3: Post at Certain Optimal Times

This is a science! It has been demonstrated by science that the best times to post are at:

• 2:00 AM EST and
• 5:00 PM EST

You may be wondering if this isn’t crazy since most people sleep during the 2 am time slot? I did too! But according to extensive studies, the 2 AM time slot & the 5 PM time slot are the most optimal times to post & get attention from new followers!

Secret #4: Instagram Bio-Hacking

When you set up your Instagram account, your Bio info is the only place where you can add a link! When somebody is deciding to follow you, they will go to your bio and check out the link to see what you are about!

VERY important to have your BIO 100% complete! BE original!

Secret #: Grow Your Followers & Get Them to Engage

If growing your Instagram account is not that complicated, getting your followers to engage is a bigger problem! But it is not impossible!

Here are a couple of my secrets:

Have a CTA (call to action) on each of your posts! Tell your audience what you want them to do!

  • If you want them to comment: “Share your thoughts in the comments”
  • If you want them to check a link: “Copy & paste this text into your browser to find out more!”

Do this consistently on all your posts! People will do what you asked them to do often without even realizing they did that!

Secret #6: Geotagging Domination Tactics

Very important especially for local businesses!

When you geotag a picture the people that follow you will see the location for your images! If you have quality posts, they will start following you!

This is the easiest way to get local business!

Position yourself as a local celebrity and expert in your area or your niche!

Secret #7: Use the Magic 7 Letter Word

Take a guess at what is the Magic 7 Letter Word!

1st try……

2nd try…..

3rd try…….. “COMMENT” – this is the magic 7 letter word

It is so simple, yet although many people in various network marketing companies have Instagram training, they totally ignore this!

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