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Founder & OWNER

Andrea Florescu

I’ve always been a leader. However, I wasn’t always comfortable stepping into that role. My version of leadership growing up was my family and those that came before me. Because they were leaders, I was expected to become nothing less. So, I strived to be the best at anything that I was involved in (sports, academics, extracurricular activities, professionally, personally, etc.). But I was not feeling fulfilled.

So... I went against everything I was taught and I knew, trying to find what gave me joy.... and, I FOUND IT!

I’ve been running my business full-time for the past five years!

I wasn't afraid to start something that was mine

I didn’t even know that this entire online world existed where people can build powerful brands simply by using the skills they are best at. I still don’t remember how exactly I came across this… I don’t know if it was an add on Facebook or me simply Google-ing for possibilities.

But, I am glad I came across a myriad of possibilities. I tried many things these past five years and it took me a while to find what not only I was good at, but I also enjoyed doing. 

I invested a lot of time and money into learning things, taking courses, personal development, and business coaches. I spent years hustling, grinding, and working 16 hour days. 

I created ridiculous amounts of content. I connected with anybody and everybody who was teaching others and I saw something that I could learn.

And, it was still not enough... I didn't see the results I was expeting

it wasn't easy

The second i decided... everything chhanged

I was done with burnout. I was done with doing everything myself. I was done with learning everything that came my way!

I dived into Human Design and Learning with Purpose!

Everything clicked when I realized what I’m supposed to do on this earth! I didn’t have to know everything to be able to help people! 

I learned that trials and errors are just as important as successes. Every lesson I learned, I’m meant to share with you!

I'm forever learning so I can be of deep, meaningful service to you!

I’m here to save you from burnout or avoid it all together

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