Are you in an MLM company and you want to know how to make people reach out to you instead of you reaching out to them about your product, service, opportunity?

In today’s post, I will be sharing some MLM tips I use and I have my teams use to create curiosity on social media so our audience reaches out to us instead of us reaching out to them.

How Typical MLM Companies Train You

Marketing the Wrong Way or How Typical MLM Companies Train You

My MLM companies and, I’m sure yours too, teach you to mention your product and company name when you are doing a promotional post. I see this happening so many times! I see this happening on other people’s posts as well. I’m sure your newsfeed is full of these types of posts. Am I right?

What do I mean when I say this is marketing the wrong way?

I mean that when you mention your product, service, opportunity, company’s name you create more resistance instead of bringing people to you. Instead of doing good by sharing your product you create an adverse reaction. Not that people run away from you…you will still have some people that may be interested but not as many as you would have if you would create curiosity and people have no idea what you are talking about but they like what you are saying….Got it?

Let’s use as an example the beauty industry. Not necessarily make-up as that is very visual and it can be enough to just put on a killer makeup and do a quick Facebook live. I’m referring more to skin care. There are many great skin care MLMs….and the majority of the ones I know will tell you that you need to use their name and that you are a consultant/rep with them in order to be “compliant.” So, in this case, you are giving away the golden egg! You start posting “before and afters,” sales, promotions, etc. I’ve also done that in the beginning and so many people still do it today.

What happens when you post things like that? You loose curiosity! Everything is right in front of them and they have no idea about the benefit of your product, company, or opportunity!

Here is another analogy

Do you like movies? Do you watch movie trailers before you decide to watch a movie? I do that, especially when I scroll through the cable channels and there is nothing on that I like so I go to OnDemand to check out what movies are new…There will be some I heard about and some I’ve never heard about. So, in this case, I click on “watch trailer” to decide if I want to pay to watch the movie. I won’t want to spend money on a movie that I might not like. Have you done that? I’m sure you have! So, now think about the trailer? What did that show you? It showed you the cliffhanger moments but not the whole scene, right? They show you enough to peak your curiosity and make you want to watch the whole thing! Am I right?

So, now think about the trailer? What did that show you? It showed you the cliffhanger moments but not the whole scene, right? They show you enough to peak your curiosity and make you want to watch the whole thing! Am I right?

Think about the trailer showing you how the movie ends! Would you want to watch the whole movie if you know how it’s going to end? Probably not!

This is the idea behind creating curiosity posts on your social media regardless of what MLM or company you are promoting or representing. If people know right away your product or company it’s similar to watching the ending of the movie before you started watching the beginning.

Instead of having people reach out to you to get more information, they will go to a search engine and research your product and company and you do not want them to do that because of multiple reasons (I will talk about those in another post, so subscribe to my list.) That is NOT smart marketing.

How to Create Curiosity

The SMART way of marketing your product, opportunity, or company is to create posts in a way that will make your audience interested in what you are promoting and make them reach out to you to find out exactly what you do! Watch this short video below where I share a couple of curiosity posts for the beauty industry, skincare, and health and wellness-related companies.


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