Digital Marketing has been around for a while and it only gets better each year. Many people I help with their campaigns ask me these questions:

  • What are the best skills you need to ace your digital marketing in 2017?
  • What skills are more important than other?
  • What skills should we focus on learning?
  • What skills do you really need to be a successful digital marketer?

Well before I answer these questions, here is the thing: If you want to make money online you need to have the right skills and the right strategy! It’s not enough to have the skills but not the right strategy on how those skills will help you make the money. You need both, because……You WANT the MONEY!!!

So, to answer these questions I put together this list of:

Digital Marketing: Top Ten Skills You Need in 2017

1. Master Facebook Ads

Facebook is the King of Social media and it is imperative to learn the ins and outs. There are a lot of opportunities to gain traffic if you learn Facebook Advertising and you know how to build the best campaigns that will bring you followers and sales conversions.

2. Learn Facebook Messenger Marketing

The hottest new thing in Digital Marketing is Facebook Messenger Marketing! Facebook just announced Messenger Ads…which is going to be huge, so you need to jump on it right from the start! Understanding how to use Messenger Bots and Ads and how to drive engagement will be the key indicator on how well your digital marketing campaigns will perform. Accessing a user’s Private Messenger is going to change the game “BIGLY!” Facebook Messenger Marketing is the new email marketing!

3. Do Webinars

Facebook Live is the king but webinars are not dead!!! People continue to host highly engaging webinars to present their offers, products, and companies! They are becoming super interactive! So you need to understand how to create compelling content for your webinars and stream them on your Facebook Livestream!!!Create Awesome Sales Funnels

4. Create Awesome Sales Funnels

The importance of sales funnels can surpass the importance of websites! The market is very crowded and you need to create Super Awesome Sales Funnels that will help you reach your ideal customers.

5. Create Courses

Everybody is creating courses, and if you are not, you should! It will showcase your skills and bring you credibility at the same time. They are a great source of passive income. Learn how to use platforms like Thinkific or Teachable to host your courses! There are also many others that work just the same! My point is if you learn how to use one you’ll know how to use the others!Use Social Media Tools

6. Use Social Media Tools

Use all the social media tools you have available to build your brand and your business! Facebook is the king but there are other avenues that will connect you with your customers. Now, don’t go on all and start posting like crazy all day! Find out the best social media platforms where your audience hangs and use the tools available to build your sales funnels, launch your product. Instead of using the posting “10x a day” approach, use this one “hey, we are super excited to launch this product or opportunity, how should we use the resources we have to better reach out and engage our customers and reach our goals?”

7. Email Marketing

No matter what anybody says, EMAIL MARKETING IS NOT DEAD!!!! It’s still one of the most valuable assets you have in your business. Use autoresponders, create newsletters, email chains, etc. to bring your offers straight to your customer’s inbox.

8. SEO

Anybody that has an online presence should know SEO regardless if you have a website or not. If you are promoting something online or you do business online you MUST know SEO! Algorithms change all the time and you need to up to date with all these changes! Google has become very smart in ranking your content on their search engines! You cannot just stuff your website or post with keywords! You must create rich content on a targeted topic and optimize it for social sharing and backlinks.

9. Optimize Your Website for Mobile View

Everybody carries a smart phone! Everybody has a tablet or iPad!!! Your content, and therefore your website, must be optimized for mobile view!!! Learn how to use build these websites or team up with experienced web developers that can help you create these websites.Create Eye-catching Content!

10. Create Eye-catching Content!

Content+Graphics+Copyright+Design! The market is full of all kind of content! Yours must stand out and grab your customer’s attention before somebody else’s does! Everything you post online whether, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, your website, etc….must have compelling graphics! You will not regret learning how to do this but if that’s not your thing, find a bad ass graphic designer that is able to create these for you!

One of the best educational platforms for digital marketing is can be accessed here!

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