Do you want to buy domain names only to discover they are already taken? Are you wasting time on domain name providers trying to find one that matches the closest to the one you want? Do you get frustrated that the domain names you want are not available?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, read this!

How to Find Out if a Domain Name is Available

Today I discovered a new tool that helps me simplify the process and reduce the time I spend trying to get a domain name. Sometimes I am able to get the ones I want but other times I get frustrated because the ones I want are already taken.

Before I discovered this tool, I would go to GoDaddy and start typing in domain names that I thought were clever and catchy!

2 seconds later I was getting disappointed because I would just find out that they were already taken, so I had to start the search all over again.

So this tool I want to talk to you about is called LeanDomainSearch. It is a great tool for anybody and it is super easy to use. This cool tool will help you find out if a domain name that includes a certain word is available or not.

Here is how it works:


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