Today, I’ll share with you how to create visually stunning social media graphics for your business.

Are you new to marketing online and you are thinking of being the unicorn that stands out in the crowd?

Or maybe you have a personal brand and want to really “wow” and “attract” your audience with stunning social media graphics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you!!!

Regardless of why you want to be unique (really, who wouldn’t?) it’s useful to be able to have a consistent theme for your brand images.

There are a couple of ways you can achieve that and you don’t need to be super techy to be able to do that…..well….you at least need to know how to use the computer or navigate the internet in some cases.

For those who don’t want to deal with this, there are many options to hire a graphic designer who can do all that for you…

But….Let’s face it! You don’t want to call your graphic designer every time you have a promotion or an inspirational quote you want to put on social media, right?

When I started blogging and I realized how much work and resources it takes I tried to learn everything myself because I always like to have control over my business but also I wanted to have that professional look without spending a ton of money in having somebody doing designs for me. It quickly adds up and when you start you want to make sure you use your skills and resources wisely. I am a very techy person so it was a no-brainer for me.

As I was developing my blogs social media started exploding and it wasn’t enough to just have pretty pictures on your blog. You had to optimize your images for your social media platforms. They are the best way to keep in touch with your audience so if you want people to immediately recognize you, you should have some kind of consistency in your images and branding.

So, because of this, I knew I had to step up my game and create visuals that would cause people to notice and stop scrolling!! Stunning social media graphics that popped made a huge difference for my bottom-line. The brighter more amazing the image, the higher the sales, simple.

And here’s what I’ve learned over the past few years as I have created thousands of stunning social media graphics as well as doing graphic designs for other people:

5 Ways to Start Making Stunning Social Media Graphics for Your Business

1. Have “consistency” on your mind all the time

You want your audience to notice and know your content right away in the news feed.

I see so many online business owners putting random images up daily.

If you think about it, you probably follow and interact with the businesses more often who have a very recognizable look, style, and color for content in the news feed.

It’s human nature to be attracted to people who seem familiar visually and consistent with brand colors, graphics, and art.

When I create Brand Art for online entrepreneurs everything has a theme visually. The color, the graphics, and the styles stay the same!!

2. Do your research

If you want to dazzle your audience ask them what images, shapes, and colors they love.

Or do some competition research, what is your competition doing, what are they using visually. This will definitely give you a better idea on how you can stand out and be different!

If you do your research you will also be able to find out quickly what you love and what is aligned with your branding.

3. Choose Your Fonts

One common thing I have noticed while doing Brand Art sessions is that many business owners are generally indecisive.

But the longer you wait or it takes you to decide on your branding the longer it will take you to start making a serious impact online.

Here is a thought: once you decide you don’t have to think about it anymore and you can get back to working and doing what you love or focusing on income producing activities.

For More Tips Watch the Video Below: 

5 Steps You Can Take This Week to

Create Your Visual Branding and Stunning Social Media Graphics

  1. Try playing around in Canva, no pressure, try having some fun with it, see what you come up with. Or if you are feeling extra adventurous, try Photoshop, my personal favorite!
  2. Go to Pinterest and search for keywords, like branding, personal branding, business branding. Start an “inspiration” board.
  3. Look around the web and decide what fonts you like and what fonts might work for you and your business. A great place to look for fonts is
  4. Audit your social media platforms: are all your banners matching and looking beautiful? If someone found you on Twitter and then later saw you on Facebook, would they recognize you or would they know you are the same person or brand?
  5. Book a session with someone like me, to get hyper clear on your vision. I am an “Creative Branding Coach” and love connecting with people who want to create epic visuals for personal brands. Click here for more details.

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