When I first started my online journey I kept reading all these income reports from veterans in this industry. This can be both inspiring and intimidating at the same time. It shows you it is possible, but at the same time it puts extra pressure on yourself to speed things along. You don’t need perfect content but you need good content.

Are you following these influencers in this industry as I do? If not, do it NOW! Why are you trying to re-invent the wheel? If you are in the beginning, I wouldn’t do it just yet! You need to learn the ins and outs and what better way to do it than learning from the best?

Here are a couple of things I can tell you before I dive into what I did:

  1. You don’t need to have a huge following to make money online
  2. You don’t need a blog to make money online.

Shocking, right? I chose to create a blog, but you can easily make money without it. I love to write so this blog started as a project and now it’s my passion.

Making money online is not hard. Some people are able to do it right away after they start, while for others it may take a little time… I am somewhere in between… I took my time to make money online because I wanted to learn everything… Guess what??? The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know enough!

How I Made My First $1,000 Online?

How Did I Start?

My whole online journey started at the same place I currently host all my websites: Wealthy Affiliate!

I believe that if you want to make money online you have to be willing to invest money first! The one thing I invested, in the beginning, gave me the education, the hosting, the themes, and support.

These are the most important tools you need when you first start

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

First, it was free to get started. It gave me a 1-week free trial. During that 1st week, I used the heck out of it! The content is well written and it was very easy for me to understand. Everything just clicked and in less than 1 week of doing the certification course I had my first blog!

Here is how Wealthy Affiliate is teaching you how to start your online blog or business:

  1. Teaches you how to find your interest, your passion, how to narrow down your niche, and how to determine if your niche has potential
  2. Teaches you how to build a website – this is literally super easy and you can have a website in 30 seconds or less. If you are like me when I first started and you have no idea what you are doing, you might want to start with the Certification Course (it’s Free for premium members)
  3. Teaches you how to attract visitors to your website. You need customers and audience. WA explains how you can attract them to you instead of you chasing them.
  4. Teaches you how to earn revenue. It explains different ways and technique you can monetize your website before you even create and post your first product

Now, don’t think that all it takes to make money online is to take a course and voila, money is pouring into your account!


Another reason why I decided to continue subscribing to this platform is the hosting. As a premium member, you can host up to 50 WordPress blogs/websites at the same time. It is included in your membership. The annual membership is $359 if paid yearly or you have the option of paying it monthly at $47/mo.

This not only includes the education (certification course and affiliate boot camp) but it also includes a support, hosting, free unlimited email addresses for your domains, feedback, and comments for your websites, purchase domains right from within, a thriving community of more than 400,000 active members, custom training, and webinars… there is just so much involved.

Where else can you host this much and pay this little? Do your research and compare what it would cost to host 50 websites, get email addresses, training, etc. on the other hosting platforms!

What didn’t work?

Thinking back about the methods I used to generate income with my blog, there are some that failed. Why do I say that? I simply didn’t have the right strategies in place or it wasn’t meant to be


I applied for Google Adsense but I did not understand exactly how it worked. I made about $250 from random ads I posted on my blog but Google won’t pay you until you reach a certain threshold. While looking at the overall look of my website I felt these ads take too much space and they looked annoying. I didn’t have enough views at that point to risk people getting distracted by them so I decided to remove them.

Sponsored Posts

I dabbled a little bit with this, but I did not really make any money from sponsored posts. When I first started I was trying to get my name out there and I was posting sponsored posts without really thinking about my brand and how these posts mesh with my website. As I gained more visitors I wanted to charge for the sponsored posts but either the companies I was working for had no budget for sponsoring because they were beginners just like me, or I maybe didn’t have the right information about who the decision maker is.

What Worked?

This is the juicy part and this is where my income came from in the beginning:

  • affiliate sales commission from promoting this book
  • affiliate sales commission from Amazon
  • Facebook – read this post about how to make money from Facebook
  • Instagram – creating content and interacting with my followers by providing solutions for them
  • Coaching – I started my own coaching program. When I first started I was offering free coaching for reviews and because I was still trying to define the type of coaching I was going to provide. As the coaching was free, I got paid on commissions from different programs and books I was recommending to my clients.


I was doing all this while I was still working full time! I did not have too much time to spend on this and I was creating content randomly. The more organized I became the more I was able to do which also reflected in my income as well.

Keep in mind that I tested things a lot in the beginning. I wanted to understand everything and it took me a couple of months to make $1000…. which is certainly not bad! Now I am working on scaling this and making $1,000 per week. As I am able to do that consistently, I cannot wait to share how I was able to generate that amount every single week. And from here, the sky is the limit!

Are you struggling to monetize your blog? What have you tried and what worked? Share your experience below!

Did you get any value from this post? If so, please comment below and share it on Facebook and any other Social Media websites!


Cheers to your HUGE success!!!

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