I realized something as I am trying to expand one of my network marketing companies and also help my team to grow.


Yeah!!! You got that right!!! Why have I not figured this out sooner before I spent all the money and the time giving away and mailing the samples, and later hounding the people I have given them to???

Because I wasn’t thinking of what I was doing and because my uplines told me so! Does that sound familiar? Typical network marketing company and MLM will encourage you to do that.

Why Giving Away FREE Samples Work

Giving away free samples works if you are at a bar that is sampling a new wine, tequila, or beer. Who would pass on to that?….. I wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t pass away on the samples from Costco or Dunkin Donuts giving away free coffee or donuts! I know you wouldn’t either if you like donuts and coffee, even if you are a Starbucks fan.

Giving away free products is an overall good strategy if you are getting an immediate benefit from the product. If you are a new business trying to establish itself and get customers, it totally makes sense. But in network marketing, this is a different story and if not done right, which mostly it isn’t, most of the time it’s not working.

Free Samples = Creates a Buzz

In these situations giving away free product works because it brings customers in the door. If you are the new business trying to establish itself it will create a buzz around you (your products better be good). News travels fast and a favorable social media post can make a business an overnight success.

Free Samples = People Try New Things

There is nothing wrong if trying something new especially if it’s free! Free is great if the products are great. People that would normally not be open to new things have nothing to lose if they come for a sample of what you are offering. Again, brings foot traffic, and if they like what they try they will most likely buy it and even repeat the purchase.

Free Samples = the Hook For Customers to Stick Around and See What Else

Free samples not only brings people through the doors but if these people sense there may be other free things they may stick around for longer than just a bite.

Free Samples = Positive Brand Recognition

Who doesn’t love something for free if there are no strings attached? If your customers have a positive experience sampling your product not only they will return for more but they will also associate your company with a positive experience or positive brand recognition.

Why Giving Away Free Samples Doesn’t Work In Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a different “animal” than Costco or Dunkin Donuts. Not only each consultant/distributor is an “independent business owner” but they also are one in among thousands more. What makes your sample different from the next consultant’s?

Free Samples = People Throw Away Samples

How many times have you done it? You got a free sample of a shake or some skin care product from a friend or somebody you know that is in one of these companies. You are not into health and wellness. You are not into skin care. What do you do with the sample? People typically throw it away or stuff it in a drawer somewhere and they come across it half a year later.

Free Samples = You Are Not the Target Market

I mentioned in the previous paragraph that you are not in health and wellness yet your bff gave you a shake sample….will you try it? No!

Free Samples = Waste of Time and Waste of Money

Does your company provide you with samples to hand out to your customers for free?…..I doubt it as these are very rare instances. For the rest of us that our company does not offer us free samples, we need to make a financial investment to purchase those samples and also mail them to our intended customers. But if those customers throw them away and do not respond to our messages, those samples become an expense that I would rather not have. Yes, you can write them off as a business expense (keep track of who you send them to), but I would rather use that money on a) products that I use and b) learn new skills or purchase new courses that will allow me to differentiate from my competition and make me an expert in the industry I am in.

Think about it from this perspective too. What if you are with multiple companies that you have to purchase the samples, mail them out and you are not getting the results you want? Wouldn’t you rather learn new skills that you can use in any of your companies? Wouldn’t you rather pay for it once instead of multiple times? What would you do?

Watch this video I made for my team about why giving away samples doesn’t work in network marketing.

In the End,

You need to build a relationship with the people you want to join you in your business. You need to provide value for them to trust that you are an expert in what you are doing and you know what you are doing. Give your prospects what they want and need. Help them to get what they want and need. Helping them means helping you because they will help you to get what YOU want!

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