I have been in direct sales for almost a year and I have studied internet marketing for just as long!

One thing that has become clear in both fields is the importance of personal branding and how interconnected the 2 areas are!

In this post, I will talk about the:

Importance of Personal Branding In Direct Sales

When I first started I didn’t think much of it. I knew I had an awesome product, a great company, so why should I think that I need to brand myself when I have these 2 amazing tools?

The answer to this question is:

because so does my friend Kaley, my friend Michelle, her friend Amy, Amy’s friend Julie…..we are all in the same company, selling the same products, in the same market.

If people are looking for the products we sell, how can we make sure they will find ME and PURCHASE from ME?

The answer to this question is

If I develop my own brand, and people will get to know me as an authority in the field and industry they have an interest, then they will most likely come and purchase from me!

This past year has turned into a journey in branding myself in my primary business as well as branding myself in the internet marketing industry!

Before branding and before somebody introduced me to the concept of branding these were the questions I had, which I also noticed are the questions many people on my team have:

What is branding?

Do I need my own personal brand?

Don’t the company I am a part of already have a brand?

What’s the difference between personal brand and company brand?!

This is how I see the answer to these questions:

Direct sales is a growing sales model. It is not new but it is somewhat unique. Growing up, this means my mom might have heard of Tupperware, Avon, or Oriflame (I grew up in Europe and they were big at one time). I was not that familiar with the concept as I did not grow up in United States.

Today, if you do a quick search on Google and you will find thousands of companies using this sales model, building armies of consultants, representatives, demonstrators, educators, etc. All these people form the force that brings these products to the customer.

You will not find these products in the mall, or brick or mortar stores. You will not find inventories or shipment arrangements made by these consultants! You will not find learning how to handle money (although that is important to know regardless). You will not find set schedules! Everybody works whenever they want to! Get a ton of tax write-offs! And, there is one caveat: be consistent and get sales!

You do not have to have a home party, go door to door to sell products or invite people to an event! All that can be done with a few clicks.

The most successful direct sellers or internet marketers will still contact people through the phone and if possible set up appointments. (With the Internet your demographic is very diverse, and many companies will have their reps spread all over the world)

The modern direct seller has access to email, social media, texting, and other technology that helps them connect with their prospects and customers.


One of the myths in direct selling and internet marketing comes from the name. Many people think that it is enough to just send a text or a message on Facebook and people will buy from you or sign up with you because you have this awesome product from this even more awesome company! WRONG!!!!

Texting, messaging on Facebook or other social media platforms can be very impersonal, especially if people have no idea how to introduce themselves without being too pushy, salesy, and scripted. I struggled for a long time with this, mainly because I never worked in sales in my life, I never thought I would be good at it, but I wanted to give a try, and I did not know what I was doing!

This is where personal branding comes to play! In any message, any connection, anything you do, you must inject a dose of YOURSELF and your PERSONALITY.

Importance of Relationships

Direct sales and internet marketing are based on relationships. Building relationships with your prospects and customers are primordial. You are competing with thousands of people in a very crowded field. You need to set yourself apart!

How can you do this without doing something crazy like having an airplane flying with your name, picture, or message?

(even if you do this, people would still not know who you are but you would have a better chance at them looking you up……who in the world would be crazy to try this?)

How can you set yourself apart without driving people away from you?

Show unique qualities

Regardless of the type of personality you have, amplify that part of your personality to help you become an authority in the eyes of your audience.

I am a very private person. I do not want everybody in my business, or to know everything about my life. I choose to whom I share information and how much I share…. I am not necessarily shy, but I am very analytical…It takes me a while to connect because I analyze everything way too much.

But, this past year I learned how to use these qualities to connect with my audience. I allowed people to get to know me as a person even if I did not know everything about them.

  • They got to know me, for me, not because I am a consultant with company X.
  • They also got to know that I know a lot of the products and the company I am representing.
  • They got to know my extracurricular activities, why I do them, what I am passionate about, and my why!
  • When they had a question, they came to me because they knew I will have an answer or if I didn’t (I am not a know-it-all, I am constantly learning something new) I will direct them to somebody who will know how to help them.
  • They saw personality, purpose & value, and promotion.

The more I share about what I do, what I like, and what I know, my personality will attract my “people”, my “tribe”, my “followers”, my “customers”, call them however you want.

This group will include my customers (people who buy from me) or my business partners (people who sign up to work with me and my company.)

As this group grows, I might not appeal to everyone. Once people get to know me, they need to put up with my sarcasm and no bullshit attitude. This may not work for everybody, but this is who I am. As I got older I learned how to be more diplomatic while sharing my ideas and opinions and appeal to a bigger audience.

Now, if you are in the same situation, you might ask:

Should I own it and handle losing potential customers that may be turned away, or should I try to change to please everybody?

My answer to these questions is as follows:

  1. You need to figure out if you are willing to lose some customers or not. If you are willing to do that, that is ok. You will find people with the same mindset that will follow you!
  2. You will not please everybody all the time anyway!

So, my advice is to be authentic just not get too personal. You control what you allow people to know about you. If you are a Mom, people may enjoy occasionally hearing about your children and their antics, but do not talk about that all the time!!! In the end, people do not care what your little darling is eating, pooping, came up with, etc. It is important to know where to draw the line. You need to share your personality not your personal life!

In everything you do, add value! Your customers need to see value from you! Provide extra tips, benefits, tricks, bonus information, or gifts with purchases (if your company allows it). Provide something to your customers that will make them come back to you!

In the end, this is what you need to remember:

Your company sells products! You sell yourself!

Make your audience understand the difference and make them notice you, trust you, believe in you, and buy from You!

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