As you know I started in Network Marketing a while ago. I attended hundreds of webinars and training. A lot of them focused on Productivity! Why productivity? How else would we be successful without productivity? Productivity is essential for any network marketer or business owner.

This post is about tips of the top income earners in Network Marketing. If you are employed by somebody else you get a steady paycheck. But, if you are self-employed or if you are a business owner productivity measures your success. We are paid for the results, not the time. It is super important to spend the time wisely so we can have a good productivity and have results. You need to use your time in very productive and leveraged ways.

I am sharing these tips to anybody who wants to see serious results in their business. If you want to be successful, if you want to have results that you can show and be proud of, then this post is for you!

These tips will help you stay on task, stay on point, make sure you are doing what you are supposed to and you are not spending time with activities that are not that productive. For example, you can check your post-1000 times per day….but is that productive? I highly doubt it! Same with social media!!! You go check your email, then check Facebook, then check Twitter or Instagram! Before you know it there are 3-4 hours that went by with you just checking stuff but not doing anything productive. This is not how you move forward in your business! You need to make sure that the time you are putting in is productive.

So, here are some of the tips I picked up from these leaders


Failing to plan is planning to fail! You must set goals for the day, week, month, etc. Do you have a plan? Set up tasks you need to accomplish every day, week, month, etc. Set your goals where you want to be in a day, week, month, etc. Track your progress! Achieve your goals


Use a timer – remember when you were at school and you had periods? You did not have a class for 4 hours! You should use a timer to break up your time, like 45 min or 60 min. It is amazing what you can accomplish in 45 min or 60 min if you know time is running out. If you don’t finish your task move on, put it on the schedule for next day! Your mind will be fresh and you will have more energy to complete it. At the end of the day look at what you had scheduled and what you have completed! You will be surprised!!!! (in a good way)


90% of your time must be spent on Money Making Activities (MMAs – not mixed martial arts). This could include creating content, writing a blog post, doing a video, Facebook Live, post on social media, prospecting, etc.


It is better if you are not multitasking. Your brain is engaged in multiple places without performing at its best capacity in none of those tasks.


Avoid distractions at all cost: no TV’s, not checking calling friends, not hanging out, no music (some of you might argue about this one. If I do activities that involve math and calculations, I could listen to music but if I need to create content I will turn it off)


Create routines for everything you do! I know it must be boring, but it takes real and hard work to get results!
going back to the school reference, take a break!!! Every hour you should have a 10 min break! Your rule should be spending 50 min on MMAs and 10 min on a break! Leave your house, step outside, do something that takes your mind away from what you were working on.


Stay hydrated! Very important for your health and efficiency. Drink lots of water!


Manage your time wisely


Exercise regularly! Again, good for your health but is also a boost of energy


Eat healthy! Do not waste your energy on junk food!


Wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day! It is very important to be disciplined, consistent, and have a routine
Never check your email more than 30 min/day. Checking your email is not an MMA activity. You can break that up in 10minx3times/day


Plan your learning and productivity as 2 separate activities. Do not mix the 2…..reference multitasking


Call your leads/prospects immediately – the sooner you call them the better! You offer is still fresh in their mind! Now is the time to close a sale


In your schedule block out a good chunk of it to connect with your prospects. You have to pick up the phone, contact your warm market, get in contact with people, expose them to your business product! Let them get to know you! They will purchase / sign up because of you, not the product, service


Always make time for your family and friends. Having a balanced life is essential to reward your family by doing something fun! Make sure they understand that the sacrifices they are making are for everybody and they do not go unnoticed


Personal development – mindset should be before marketing! You need to spend time on personal development. Meditate, visualize your goals, read something inspirational, listen to something uplifting! Put your mind in a state of clarity and creativity every day


Master one skill before you learn something else – this goes back to multitasking


Spend time on marketing training daily


Set a schedule and stick to it. Create a routine, Create habits!

Is your business generating consistent revenue? Does your audience immediately know what you do and how you solve their problems?

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