So your company just announced a huge promotion for the hottest product that they have. What do you do? How do you ensure that you maximize the opportunity and get a lot of sales that 

would convert in a ton of commissions for yourself as well as your team?

A lot of network marketers are confused on how to promote the promotions their companies have. They often have no clue on how to promote their own promotions.

How to Properly Promote Your Promotions in Your Network Marketing Company

You probably ask yourself….

What the heck does she mean? I share my promotion with everybody…..

That is nice….. But what do you do after that?

Are you waiting for the customers to fall out of the sky and come to you that they want your product that is promoted?

Are you waiting for the customers to fall out of the sky and come to you that they want your product that is promoted?

Are you waiting on your prospects to join your business opportunity just because you “shared” your promotion?

I say….STOP waiting!!!

Take action and be the boss of your company! Yes….even when you are a consultant for X, Y, and Z Company….you are a business owner if you take charge of your own business…..Otherwise, you are nothing more than a glorified salesman that works his or her own hours but doesn’t really get any benefits like a normal employee would…you know…health insurance, 401k, life insurance, vision, dental, and other perks.

In this video, I dive deeper about what to do when your company is announcing a promotion or when you are creating your own promotion to boost your sales and your team’s performance.

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