Our society is revolving around the Internet and we are doing everything online. Starting an online business is just as normal as banking online, shopping online, making appointments online, doing school online, or attending meetings online. We do a lot of things online!

How many times do you go online to check your email(s) or social media accounts? Think about how many people are online during the day or night, and if they all do the same things you do every single day.

This is getting exciting when you think that all these social media websites have millions, if not billions of users, who check their platforms every single day! Statistically, this is very exciting because with all these people logging onto the Internet every day and every minute, there has never been a time with so many opportunities concentrated in one place, the Internet.

Like I said:


You do not have to mail in cards, flyers, or take out ad space in newspapers. You can create and run an ad on all these social media platforms. These websites thrive from all these businesses that are paying them to promote their products and/or services.

Now, if you are a new entrepreneur online, and you are just getting started, you do not necessarily have to spend money on these ads to grow an audience that will bring you new business.

If you do not have money to spend on advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest, there are other ways to bring your content in front of your audience.

On the other hand, if you do have money to spend on ads, by all the means, go ahead and do it! But, before you spend any money, do some research on how to create the best ads that convert. In the end, you want a high conversion on these ads.

Reaching your audience is not that easy. Whether you are paying for ads or you do not do any ads at all it is a tough business. Many entrepreneurs have threw in the towel and quit in frustration because it takes time and effort to build a solid online business. It requires a lot of work and a great foundation to get started.

Here are:

5 Essential Tips for Creating a Successful Online Business

Most Successful Entrepreneurs Follow

Tip #1. Engage Your Audience

If you have money you can easily buy followers if you wanted to. You can buy followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

You can buy email lists with names and email address that you can start sending your emails with your offers. But, if this audience is not engaging with your content then you threw the money out the window for nothing!

Very few of these people will interact or care about what you are doing.

The most successful online entrepreneurs create conversations.

They create content that people will talk about, will share, will comment. When they post their content on their websites they post it for their followers to interact with them. This interaction will attract more people interested in the topic these people are discussing. They will want to check out this “buzz” the marketers created with their content.

These days, you can buy a following if you want to. Twitter followers, Instagram followers , and Facebook likes are all for sale.

You can even buy email lists but buying an audience is pointless because there’s no engagement. A lot of times, these are people who won’t interact or won’t even care about what you’re doing.

You can have a huge following but it’s meaningless if there’s no engagement.

Tip #2. Constantly Build Your Audience

Many online entrepreneurs fail because they are not focusing on building their audience. They are more interested in promoting their systems.

They are doing all this work to promote these systems. They create custom graphics, they release another free eBook, or they constantly tweak their websites.

They are doing all these things on the surface, but, they are not engaging with their audience, or they are not even sure who their audience is. All these actions take time and effort, and in the end are fruitless.

Many of these successful entrepreneurs do things the opposite way. Some might even do all these things I mentioned in the previous paragraph, but they focus on diversifying and growing their audience.

They create content for their own websites.

They also create content and write articles for large authority websites and forums where they get more exposure.

Some are posting as guests on other people’s websites.

Some use large forums and platforms to share their ideas.

They interview other people or get interviewed themselves.

There are a lot of strategies you can use to build a solid online following without using paid advertising and focusing on creating conversations where the audience is attracted to you and they attract other people by creating this “buzz” I mentioned.

The result is your conversations attract people who share your content to other people that follow you. And it goes on, and on, and on.

Tip # 3 Don’t Get Jealous of Other Peoples Successes

With access to information through the Internet at any time, we are easily exposed to the successes of other entrepreneurs.

It can be your Facebook friend who just got involved with a DS company and is creating a Live video. It can be somebody else you know that is doing what you are doing and is having more success than you are having.

It is natural to get jealous of their success! ….. What, you don’t get jealous?….. I don’t believe that you do not get at least envious and you get sidetracked.

If you focus on other people and their successes you are losing focus on your OWN mission and goals.

You need to celebrate other people and learn from them. They are not responsible for your success, YOU are! You should learn what you can about why and how they became successful and implement what they did. It will work for you too….

And, along the way, you will create your own path that might be the example for somebody else who looks up to you and you don’t even know it.

Tip #4 Always Add Value

No matter what you do to create the conversations, you should always add VALUE!




You can get all the exposure you want in all these places but without value is worthless. People will come to your website because they see value in something you posted on a forum or a platform. They will keep returning if you continue to provide value.

You should add value to your website! You should add value to all your communication channels, including email lists and social media accounts.

Your content MUST be so GOOD that people will want to tell other people about what you are up to!

Tip # 5 Personal Development: Learn, Learn, Learn, Continuously Learn

If you want to become an authority in your field, you must constantly continue your personal development. You must learn continuously.

There is a ton of information on pretty much anything and everything. It is super easy and dangerous to have an information overload.

The most successful online entrepreneurs will always continue learning new things that will allow them to remain an authority figure in their niche. They will focus on the things that will help them maintain that status and not the newest shiniest thing.

They will focus on perfecting the right tactics. They will focus on creating an online business that will allow them to be geographically independent. They will focus on creating an online business that works around the things that matter the most to them. Their ultimate goal is FREEDOM!

Freedom of time!

Freedom to work from anywhere in the world!

Freedom to live the life they want and they deserve!

Statistically very few online businesses become successful. Beating the odds and creating a successful online business takes time and effort.

If you want to be one of them but you have doubts, DO NOT GIVE UP!

Focus on building your audience. You need an audience to buy products and services. You cannot promote these if you do not have an audience. So, FOCUS on building your audience! Once they see you as an authority, they will buy your products and services and anything that you will be selling!

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Cheers to your HUGE success!!!


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