There are a multitude of MLM companies you could join but Which Network Marketing Program Is Good for You? How can you decide when you have no idea which one you should choose to join? Aren’t you getting overwhelmed with all these choices? Aren’t you tired of wasting time, energy, and money?

I decided to write this post to those who need a little guidance on how to choose the right network marketing company and determine which network marketing program is good for you. This post is meant to help you with the decision making process by looking at 4 major aspects of network marketing businesses.

Here are my 5 major aspects you should consider when choosing which network marketing company to join

Look At What The Company Offers

This can be a product or a service. Most network marketing companies promote a product or a business opportunity.

This requires monthly involvement. You might have to meet monthly minimums and sales quotas to stay active with the company. If it is a product, you need to determine if it is something you need on monthly basis and if it is something you can consume on a monthly basis. Whether is skincare, weight loss supplement, make-up, clothing, whatever it is, you have to use it on a monthly basis. Another feature of the product you should consider would be the uniqueness that product…..

For other people to be attracted to a product, it has to be unique, new, fresh, it has to WORK, and people would have to NEED it!

Sign Up With The Right Sponsor

This is super important!!! Extremely Important!!! Uber Important!!! You want to sign up under somebody who is a leader in your company and who has a history of working closely with the people him or her sponsors. You do not want somebody who is absent and does not help you.

I went through something like this. I was choosing between 2 sponsors in one of my companies. I watched them for months. I was going back and forth between the 2 of them. I finally choose one but I don’t think I made the right choice. I still had to figure out everything by myself.

This took away a lot of time I could have used to focus on those activities that would grow my business. Later on, as I became part of several company groups and did more research, I came upon a true leader, somebody who I wished I would have joined under.

The moral of this story is that you need to be very picky when choosing which sponsor to sign up under.

Research The President or CEO Of The Company 

Why is this important? Because when you join a network marketing company, you want that company to be run by somebody who is a visionary, who has ideas, and it is totally invested in the company and the products. You need to connect with this person! Do you think that is impossible? Why do you think that? Have you tried it? You would be surprised to see that there are heads of companies answer the little guy who is trying to join their company. I

just joined a new network marketing company that had just launched in UK and US. It has not even been 1 month since that happened and there are less than 4000 people involved with the company. It is growing super fast and we have access to the CEO, CEO, and Chief Product & Marketing Officer. How cool is that? I did not meet them in person as I was unable to attend the US launch party but I met them online through Facebook.

I was able to ask the questions I had regarding products, policies, and vision for marketing and development. Because they were willing to answer me, little nobody who wanted to join the company, I decided to make the jump and sign up. I know that whatever question I have it would be answered by one of them or my sponsor in the company. This shows commitment, and you should want to sign up under somebody like that.

When Was The Company Started

That is important to me! I joined before a company that has been around for 6 years. My upline wanted me to sign up 2 years prior but I hesitated because I did not see the vision and I did not understand the business. My upline has seen these things 2 years before myself but she wasn’t able to convince me until 2 years after that. I wish I would have signed up when she did!

On the other hand, I learned about a brand new opportunity that wasn’t even officially launched yet! I told myself if something like this comes up, I will not hesitate any minute! Why do you think I wanted to sign up with a brand new company not many people heard of? It is all about positioning, about being part of the original hype, being one of the firsts, having endless opportunities! I also love the products, now even more than before because I finally received my kit.

But what attracted me to this company was the people on the top, who have the vision and the commitment to help anybody regardless of at what point they sign up.

Analyze The Compensation Plan

Now you are talking!!! You need to believe in the product, the company, the people running the company, but you also need to make money and you need to be compensated well for it! You need to understand how you get paid! What do you need to do to receive commissions and residual income. Read the compensation plan as many times as you need to. Contact the company if you have any questions! Contact your upline if you have any questions!

These are the major aspects I look at when determining which network marketing company is good for me! I hope this post has provided you value and it helped you make decisions based on what is important for you. I hope you now know what to look for when you decide to join a network marketing company!

So that’s basically it. I hope, that now you have a clear vision of what you should look into when you decide to join a network marketing company.

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